In search of a spore drive…. To be able to return home safely….

We are launching the RAW protocol! We present one of our first premiere Nanopropellants – Paternalism Rings.

What is Paternalism Rings? It is both an innovative approach and a return to tradition. It is currently the only raw beer on the Polish market, namely: RAW IPA!

What, in turn, is RAW Protocol?
It’s a project we want to develop. In the past, probably most beers were “raw,” and the boiling process is still omitted in many small breweries in northern Europe using traditional methods. We want to adapt this process to modern standards so that it can be used in a safe and proven way in modern breweries. The benefits? First and foremost, it saves time and energy, and therefore has a lower carbon footprint, which is of great importance these days.

The second issue is taste. In this case, protein coagulation, which is not present here, and a different method of alpha-acid isomerization are crucial. Whether the taste is better or worse is a difficult question, surely each of you will have your own opinion and we will evaluate in the course of our further productions. It certainly blends well with some styles, such as New England IPA or Saison.
That’s why we first brewed an IPA with 2 versions. One fermented with the London Ale strain, the other with Hot Head (kveik), both with the addition of hops from this year’s PolishHops harvest 🌿🌿

– so Raw Polish Hazy IPA Coming soon to get!


Starkraft Paternalism Rings